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Commercial Buildings


Data Centers


Distribution & Warehouse

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Grow Facilities



Commercial Buildings

Commerial Buildings products

PRICE Industries GRD's

An important step to efficient space comfort conditioning is the proper selection of air outlets. 

  • Evenly distributes the flow of air in the desired direction(s)

  • Enhances the mixing of room air by entraining the room air into the diffuser's primary air jet

  • Delivers both conditioning and ventilation air to the occupied space

  • Reduces the velocity of the air as it passes through the system

  • Can be integrated into architectural ceilings to enhance aesthetic appeal

Data Center

Data Center Products

Greenheck Inline  Axial Fan

Model AX is a direct drive fan offering increased performance capabilities and several installation configurations to suit project needs. The unit has one casing option: a long casing that completely covers the propeller and motor, and

bolt-on vane section with 15% performance improvement. The vane section provides total efficiencies in excess of 70%, which improves efficiency and reduces operating costs.

  • 500 to 125,000 cfm

  • Up to 5 in. wg

Distribution & Warehouse

Distribution & Warehouse Products

Greenheck HVLS Fans

The most innovative line of large, overhead fans engineered to provide energy-efficient air circulation and evaporative cooling in commercial and industrial spaces. Award Winning AMPLIFY™ overhead fans provide energy-efficient air circulation that boosts comfort, safety and productivity in commercial and industrial spaces. Engineered to elevate above the rest, AMPLIFY™ overhead fans’ lighter, sleeker, more dynamic design quietly delivers comfort you can truly feel.


Education Products
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Airedale ClassMate DX Cooling & Heat Pump

  • Available in 24, 36, 48, and 60 nominal MBH​

  • Advanced blower and compressor technologies for decreased sound and power output

  • Modulating economizer damper providing 100% free-cooling and minimum fresh air requirements

  • DX, Hot Gas Reheat, and Hot Water/Electric Heat coils fit inside a standard unit, reducing installation time and the need for optional equipment

Grow Facility


Greenheck FumeJet

Greenheck’s FumeJet line of exhaust fans with integral stacks are designed to safely remove and disperse fumes and odors. FumeJet systems replace utility set fans with field supplied intake ducts and exhaust stacks to ensure a safe roof deck area and aid in preventing re-entrainment of contaminated air into air intake systems.

  • 500 to 26,000 cfm per fan

  • Up to 4 in. wg

  • Spark B resistant construction standard

Grow Faciliy Products


Healthcare Products

PRICE Industries UltraSuite OR

Ultrasuite is a customizable air distribution and lighting solution specifically engineered for hospital operating rooms. 


  • Integrated LED lighting and air distribution

  • High efficiency: 100+ lm/W LED lighting

  • Long lifespan: L80 > 60,000 hours

  • Dimmable: up to 300 fc at the surgical table

  • Durable: IP67 sealed LEDs

  • High quality lighting: 90+ CRI

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